Choroidal Nevus

What is a Choroidal Nevus?

Just like on your skin, a raised freckle (or nevus) can occur inside your eye. Occurring most often in the choroid, the pigmented layer beneath the retina, a choroidal nevus can only be seen by an eye care specialist.


Most choroidal nevi are benign, but they can grow into a malignant melanoma. It is rare, however, and most choroidal nevi are left untreated.

Symptoms & Treatment

A typical choroidal nevus is asymptomatic and is usually found by a routine opthalmoscopy, an examination that allows your doctor to see the interior surface of the eye by dilating the pupils.


A benign choroidal nevus rarely requires treatment but regular eye examinations are recommended so that your doctor can monitor to see if any changes occur. A nevus is more likely to grow into a choroidal melanoma if it is large or thick, has an orange pigment or is leaking fluid.